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Inteleos is an internationally recognized non-profit global medical certification organization that manages the following Councils:

Statement on Racism, Social Injustice, Inequality and Inequity

Racism and social injustices in all forms must end. Inteleos and its family of certification Councils, the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS), the Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement (APCA) and the Point-Of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy (PCA), support peaceful protests and the implementation of lasting solutions to end racism, social injustice, inequality and inequity.

Inteleos is committed to continually address issues of inequality and inequity through our areas of expertise, healthcare and certification. According to the World Health Organization, healthcare inequality, mainly due to a lack of access to quality care, is directly linked to many social injustices. As a healthcare organization, Inteleos’ mission to protect the public through individual certifications means that our goal is for all people to have access to the validated and extraordinary skills of our Registrants and Certificants. Unfortunately, healthcare inequality largely affects those who need medical care the most. As a global healthcare organization, we will continue to bolster our mission and work tirelessly towards increasing healthcare equity by striving to assure all people can get the highest quality healthcare possible.

Coronavirus: Guidelines and Procedures

At Inteleos we understand that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a real concern and that, as a medical professional, you are on the front lines throughout this uncertainty. We realize that this outbreak impacts our Registrants and Certificants more than normal and want to reaffirm that we are here to help and work with you. Learn more about how ARDMS, APCA and the POCUS Certification Academy is addressing the Coronavirus crisis.

We are dedicated to medical professionals, patients and setting standards of care.

Over the past 40+ years, more than 158,000 sonographers, physicians and other medical imaging professionals from 70 countries have been certified by Inteleos, ARDMS, APCA and the POCUS Certification Academy. For more than four decades and through the administration of over 650,000 examinations, we have developed and continue to perfect a peer-based methodology to quantify the proficiency of medical professionals for certification. Select Inteleos certifications, and the methodologies they are built upon, are recognized by the world’s leading assessment, standardization, and accreditation bodies including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Third-party independent certifications are vital in healthcare.

Third-party independent certifications, like those offered by Inteleos, provides objective assurance to patients, payers, physician groups, healthcare institutions and governments that medical professionals will deliver the standard of care to which they aspire. For the medical professional seeking certification, the process can help their professional development by validating their abilities, revealing areas of strength and identifying areas for improvement. For patients and their families, third-party independent certification helps ensure an acceptable standard of care no matter where they seek it.

Our mission is to set the highest standards in healthcare.

We invite you to learn more about Inteleos, ARDMS, APCA and the POCUS Certification Academy and our global community of medical professionals dedicated to setting the highest standards in healthcare.