Join Us in Making a Profound Difference in the Lives of Women Around the World:

We are currently seeking interested partners to align our logistical approaches and financial resources to develop a model to assess and foster ultrasound proficiency for midwives and skilled birth attendants in low resource healthcare environments through the non-profit Inteleos Ultrasound Foundation. Increased access to ultrasound can save patients’ lives and improve global health by quickly, accurately, and inexpensively identifying maternal and fetal conditions that can save a woman’s life and/or that of her fetus.

Ultrasound is the fastest, safest, and most noninvasive way to look inside a patient’s body. The diverse insights, expertise, and participation from partners, practitioners, patients, companies, organizations, and manufacturers are essential to developing a meaningful plan to bring diagnostic medical ultrasound education, training, and standards to healthcare providers in every corner of the world.

The place to start is with women in all cultural and geographic areas, fostering equitable care and patient safety. However, for midwives and skilled birth attendants around the world, there are no consistent models of learning or assessment to ensure an individual is proficient in the use of ultrasound. Developing sustainable models for these skilled birth attendants in the use of ultrasound will have a major impact on women’s healthcare during pregnancy and on overall women’s health.

To improve public safety and to obtain healthcare equity, all women need access to healthcare providers who are proficient in the use of ultrasound. Establishing ultrasound proficiency standards that meet varying midwifery practices around the world will increase patient safety, ensure healthcare equity, improve healthcare delivery, and elevate medical education and practice worldwide by creating a baseline expectation and outline of ultrasound performance in medical settings.

For more information, please contact:
Dale R. Cyr, CEO at or 240-386-1556
Pamela Ruiz, CBDO at or 240-386-1649